Who is Titan 7?

Titan 7 is a no compromise wheel company with over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. We are performance minded with varied experience in professional racing supply, OEM factory supply, and after market supply.

After working with some of the industry’s top wheel brands, we felt that it was time to make our mark and improve on all areas of wheel supply.

We put all of our effort rethinking every part of a wheel brand. From the engineering, design, manufacturing, value, packaging, and even how the wheels are sold – we know we can do better for the industry. We’ve done our best to to make Titan 7 forged wheels a brand that anyone can buy and be proud of. FORGED FOR ALL.

Why the great price?

The key to Titan 7 Forged Wheels is that we make all of our wheels in house. Everything from design, tooling, forging, machining, heat treatment, surface finishing, and testing is all done in house. Very few Forged wheel companies can make this claim. This means you get complete quality, performance control, and efficiency.

Most wheels that are sold in the marketplace change through many hands.

For example, you will have a factory ship to a broker > which is then shipped overseas to an importer > which is purchased by a distributor > then to a shop > then to the consumer.

We ship to you factory direct and offer a technically superior wheel to many of the other Forged wheel companies while priced for less. A win win situation.

Online Ordering

We worked hard to make it as easy as possible to order wheels from our online system. We house all of the wheels in 2 warehouses: one in Reno, NV and one in Philadelphia, PA. That means you will get your wheels quickly, and with a industry leading low shipping rate. Simply click on the link to wheels in the menu and we have easy to understand drop down menus by application and color. If you need to order a single wheel please contact us via email thank you!

Where Else Can I Order?

Titan 7 has partnered up with some of the best performance retailers in the USA to help push the brand. Each Stockist has been carefully chosen for their technical expertise, ethical treatment of customers, quality of customer service, and their participation in the industry to help put Titan 7 on the map. You can ONLY purchase from these Stockists or online on this website. There is no other way to purchase these wheels. For a list, click here.

Included With Your Purchase

Your wheel has been engineered and designed to be one of the best performing wheels on the market.

Your TITAN 7 FORGED WHEEL package includes the following:


  2. TITAN 7 ALUMINUM VALVE STEM X 4 (certain wheel designs excluded)

Mounting Instructions

Before mounting tires and installing your TITAN 7 Wheels, please check the following:
  -Please retain your purchase receipt or emailed invoice for your records.

  -Make sure that the wheel you ordered is specifically for your vehicle. All TITAN 7 Forged wheels are application specific. Please check that the size, offset, bolt circle, and color are exactly what you ordered. 

  -All TITAN 7 Wheels work only with 60 Degree Cone seat lug nut / bolt *** (unless otherwise noted) *** YOUR FACTORY LUG NUTS MAY NOT WORK. Please make sure you have acquired the correct lug nuts / bolts for installation. Make sure there aren’t any damage(s) to the structure or surface finish. Confirm with TITAN 7 or any authorized stockists to confirm mounting hardware specifications that may require aftermarket lugnuts, lugbolts or hubcentric rings.

  -Test fit each front and rear wheel to ensure proper fit prior to mounting of the tire. Check for sufficient clearance from suspension parts, spoke to brake caliper clearance, and make sure that the wheel is not protruding beyond the fender under full load *** (some applications may be tailored as Motorsport Track purpose so consult with TITAN 7 or authorized stockists for fitment guidance) ****

  -Each TITAN 7 Wheel is prepared specifically for your vehicle under it’s diameter, width and offset. But we do have universal bolt patterns with open hub bore design(s) that may require Hubcentric rings for street usage. Consult with TITAN 7 or authorized stockists for Hubcentric ring(s) recommendation

  -Make sure there aren’t any damage(s) to the structure or surface finish BEFORE AND AFTER installation of tire.

Once the tire has been mounted please make sure of the following:

- Make sure wheel and tire assembly has been balanced
- It is important that your tire is properly sized to your wheel. Check with your tire manufacturer's specifications to ensure proper fit.
- Wheel and tire assembly does not come into contact with any suspension parts, fender / fender liner. Turn the steering wheel lock to lock (left and right) and make sure there is no contact that will impair driving.
- Make sure tire is inflated to tire manufacturer's inflation specifications.
- ALWAYS use a torque wrench to tighten your lug nuts / bolts. Tighten them in a cross pattern and to vehicle manufacturer's torque specifications.
- After about 100 miles of driving please double check the wheel, tire pressure, and re-torque the lug nuts / bolts.

We are offering the following Limited Lifetime Warranty:

All TITAN FORGED WHEELS will be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects at the time of purchase.

  -TITAN 7 Forged wheels carry a Limited Lifetime Structural warranty and a 1 year warranty for factory applied surface finishes and supplied wheel accessories (Aluminum valve stem and center cap).

  - TITAN 7 Warranties are non transferrable. Only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase from Titan 7 Online Store or Authorized Stockists

TITAN 7 offers the limited warranty claims to product repair or replacement at the discretion of TITAN 7. We do not offer any reimbursements for any costs associated or related to labor, shipping, losses. Claims must be provided with proof of purchase. Please contact your authorized TITAN 7 reseller or email us at

Warranty Limitations

 -Wheels have been modified in any way: Structurally or Surface finish (i.e. P.C.D. Change or repainting or powercoating)

  -This warranty does not cover any damage or wear & tear from abuse, misuse from original intent or application of product, or accident. This includes outside trauma impact from road conditions, road obstacles and uneven terrain.

  -This warranty does not cover damage to surface finish due usage of harsh chemicals / cleaners, abrasions due to improper cleaning, road debris, normal wear and tear, neglect.

  -Warranty does not cover when wheels are installed with wheel spacers and/or adapters.

  -Wheels installed with incorrect tires sizes or used with excessive vehicle loads.

  -Wheels that have been purchased by a dealer as seconds or blemished product.

  -Appearance blemishes or defects on wheels that have been mounted.

  -Wheels damaged by shipping or handling.

Returns & Exchanges

Please inspect items immediately when received. Read conditions below carefully before inquiring about returns and exchanges.


1.All returns are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. The restocking fee covers the cost of our order processing, shipping cost, and restocking process. Please inquire for details.
2. Items you wish to return MUST be approved prior to your return. Contact us for a RAN# (Return Authorization Number) and specify your reason for return. All return inquiries must be sent to us within 15 days of receiving your order.
3. Approved Returns MUST be sent back to us within 30 days of receiving your RAN#.
4. Returned items must be in brand new condition.
5. Shipping, handling, and transaction fees are non-refundable.
6. Once items have been returned to us, and the condition has been inspected and approved, a refund will be issued. Approved refunds are issued within 2-3 days.


1. Please contact us if inquiring about an exchange.
2. Exchanges are subject to second shipping charges unless there was a mistake made on the order. If a mistake was made by Titan 7, LLC, we will provide a return shipping label for you to use to make the exchange as seamless as possible.

Order Cancellations

Titan 7 processes and ships orders within 24 Hours of receipt of order. Orders may be cancelled before they are shipped. Please email to request a cancellation. Once it is confirmed, you will receive a refund for your order.